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Pure nostalgia: Spigen outs retro iMac and OG iPhone cases for the X


Spigen has gone down memory lane with its latest retro cases for the iPhone X. We say retro, you say nostalgia, as the colorful wrappers are done in the best design traditions of... the two-tone OG iPhone and the translucent iMac G3 that, for its time, was a fashion marvel in a sea of black or beige computer boxes.

The case maker doesn't really seem sure how its new lines will be accepted by the general public, most of which has never seen an iMac G3 or the original iPhone up close and personal, so it has them prepped as an Indiegogo campaign, for the nostalgically-minded. The early backers could snag a case for just $18, which is almost 50% off their retail $35 pricing, but that deal is sold out now, and the first batches are expected to ship in June.

The Classic One is "reviving Steve Jobs' first iPhone," with a snap-on design in two colors, imitating the body of the 2007 soapy-shaped iPhone that started it all. Slap the famous clown fish wallpaper, and you got yourself Apple's newest technology wrapped in a comforting retro package, for the best of both worlds.

The other case sub-line, dubbed C1, goes even further down the Apple orchard, back to 1997 when the jolly iMac G3 in colorful translucent housing was introduced. You'd have a transparent polycarb layer in the original colors on the outside, with what seems like motherboard chippery carved in the second shock-absorbing layer, and the signature "hello" text written inside as a throwback to the first Macs, too. The Indiegogo campaign also gives you access to an exclusive bundle of the Classic One and C1, plus a free wireless charger that works with them, for $70. Any takers?

source: Spigen
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