Source: Sprint doesn't stand a chance getting regulators to agree to T-Mobile deal

Source: Sprint doesn't stand a chance getting regulators to agree to T-Mobile deal
With talk earlier in the week revealing that Sprint is still looking to raise funding for an acquisition of T-Mobile, a report published on Friday reiterates that U.S. regulators are not eager to sign off on this deal. One person close to the deal said that he doesn't see any chance of regulators giving in, basically calling the deal "dead."

Regulators' fear that by taking over T-Mobile, a consumer friendly carrier would be eliminated. The nation's fourth largest carrier, with its new innovations, has been leading the way in net new additions. Last quarter, T-Mobile added more than 2 million new customers, the most among the four major players in the states last quarter. Sprint lost 364,000 subscribers during the same period

But there is speculation that the man responsible for T-Mobile's innovations, CEO John Legere, is the top name on the list of possible CEO's to run a combined Sprint-T-Mobile. That could reduce some of the FTC's and FCC's worries. Also smoothing over any objections to the deal would be the emergence of Dish Network as a possible fifth carrier. Dish recently won some H block spectrum in an auction and it is well known that the satellite content provider's Chairman, Charles Ergen, wants to turn Dish into a wireless carrier. The FCC would love to see Dish step into T-Mobile's shoes if Sprint goes ahead with plans to buy T-Mobile.

source: NYPost

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