Sony Honami cameraphone detailed further: glass/metal body, larger sensor than the Nokia N8


More details on the hotly anticipated Sony Honami cameraphone leaked, and they jibe with what we've been reading on dedicated forum threads - namely that the sensor will be smaller than the Nokia 808 PureView 1/1.2" unit, but larger than the 1/1.83" piece in the Nokia N8, for instance.

The Honami is expected to feature a 20 MP stacked Exmor RS sensor with 1/1.6" size, which still makes it huge for a smartphone, meaning it will be able to soak much more photons in, bringing in better low-light shots, hopefully akin to a Cyber-shot camera. Some of you noted in our previous post about the Honami that the rumor it will use Carl Zeiss lens is likely fake, since the company has Nokia signed up as exclusive, and it seems to ring true, as the Honami lens is now purported to be of the Cybershot G variety instead.

The breathtaking details don't stop here, though - there might be Xenon and/or dual LED flash that will be much brighter than what we have in typical smartphones, as well as new software processing algorithms, and new interface, taking hints from the Cyber-shot camera range. There's no word on optical zoom or image stabilization tech inside for now.

As for the phone itself, the source claims it will be a glass/metal fusion with carbon fiber thrown in for "Sony Japan's most beautiful smartphone design ever," and, while around 10 mm thick, it won't have a hump of the N8 or 808 magnitude, not that we would mind if it means the best camera on Android. When there's smoke, there's fire, and we can't wait.

source: VR-Zone

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