Sony Ericsson prepping yet another Android Gingerbread handset for the fall, codenamed MT11i

Sony Ericsson prepping yet another Android Gingerbread handset for the fall, codenamed MT11i
Buried in the Sony Ericsson's website an upcoming MT11i handset was unearthed, which seems to be another Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset that the company will be outing, besides the Xperia Ray and Xperia Active.

There aren't many  other details in these types of files, except that the screen resolution will be 480x854, and the ScreenSizeChar is 44x32, which hopefully will be slapped on a larger display. The phone should be capacitive touchscreen-only, since the ones with a physical keyboard SE marks with a "K" in the internal codename. Moreover, under the keyboard section in the file below we have "phone keypad" listed.

Also, considering that MT15i is the Xperia Neo, MT11i might fill in the gap between the smaller 3" screens on the Xperia active and Xperia mini and the 3.7" one on the Neo, or even the 4.2" on the Xperia arc, which is LT15i. The "M" in the codenames obviously stands for middle, while "L" might mean large, and "S" small, judging from the screen sizes of the actual handsets behind the SE codenames.

A relative disappointment is the ARM Cortex-A8 processor listed, which means we will have yet another single core 1GHz phone from SE, but we know the big guns are reserved for the Sony Ericsson Xperia duo, so no complaints.

Some specs actually coincide with the Sony Ericsson Xperia ray, which we previewed not long ago, and found out to be a very promising little Android handset. The Xperia ray, which, however, goes under the ST18i codename, so the MT11i is one more thing to look forward to from Sony Ericsson in the third quarter of this year.

source: SonyEricsson via IT168 (translated)



1. REALLY?! unregistered

Someone might want to check out if this is actually true.

2. ivanprskalo

Posts: 124; Member since: Dec 09, 2010

wtf is now that!?! SE is trying to push as many phones as Samsung did in clam-shell and portrait-slider era... Maybe, just maybe it is a good tactic, because it did worked on Samsung... But my advice would be to run here nVidia strategy: ONE high end flagship phone with whom you can rub noses of competition, and all other rubbish mid and entry level devices to come later on... It did worked for nVidia, Samsung recently, Apple has similar strategy, so why not to make ULTIMATE phone already? Someone once says: there is no perfect phone, because if there is one perfect phone - other phones wouldn't sell at all... It seems to me that now is different time. Everyone wants perfect phone and not to worry about some flaws of his device in some areas, just pay for quality and you got the game! Apple is making just one phone people. And they are pretty damn successful at it. Why? Because they are trying to push the limits and squeeze as much technology as it can fit into their device. People like that. People like to think that someone other thinks for them! People are just more and more lazy and that is the fact. CONCLUSION: Sony Ericsson, as well as other manufacturers NEED to re-brand their road map of products in way: ONE ULTIMATE phone (flagship) and dedicate special brand to that phone and not to pollute that brand with other crappy less worth phones. Establish special brand for mid-range devices and also for cheap-s**t-crappware. And make huge difference between those brands!!!

3. PotDragon

Posts: 214; Member since: Jul 22, 2011

Moto can kiss my Bionic! No faith vzw won't cripple the SGS2. Thunderfail can't make PHONE CALLS. I have fond memories of my two Ericson dumb phones. Really looking forward to the availability of the new Xperia line. Only drawback is price. Oh well...its only money.

4. megamrambo

Posts: 37; Member since: Jul 19, 2010

Oh well it's only money? Well my birthday is coming up and my phone is broke. can you buy me an Xperia Arc? lol

5. Striker unregistered

Hahahaha! Check this out: "Sony Ericsson prepping yet another Android Gingerbread handset for the FAIL..."!!! Actualy it really makes sense. Android, SE, fail...

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