Sony Ericsson outs 1.3" Bluetooth screen to go with your Android phone

Sony Ericsson outs 1.3
Well, Sony Ericsson, we didn't expect that from you. The company unveiled at a London event the Sony Ericsson LiveView - a miniature 1.3" screen (yes, you read that right), which can connect to your Android phone via Bluetooth.

Sony Ericsson LiveView is extremely compact in size, it connects with your phone, and can display updated information from there. The "innovative" accessory will notify you about missed calls, messages, alarms and notifications from Facebook and Twitter; it can also control the music player. The advantages (according to SE), are that you don't have to constantly remove the phone from a bag or pocket to check the time, or for new updates. The really small size of LiveView permits to put it in convenient places like a watch strap (included), or clip it on a shirt.

The contraption also has a microUSB connector for charging, and OLED display with a resolution of 128x128 pixels. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts 4 days with standard use, which is a very flexible concept in our experience. Compatible with Sony Ericsson phones with Android, and other phones with Android 2.0 or higher versions. The management application Sony Ericsson LiveView can be downloaded from the Android Market, or will be installed on phones that are sold bundled with this accessory.

Well, if for a main phone we use the Dell Streak or a Galaxy Tab, or for women who carry their smartphones buried deep in their bags, we can see Sony Ericsson's point. Still, to be so lazy that you need to clip on an external screen to check on your text messages, instead of reaching for your pocket - that takes the term coach potato to a whole new level. Sony Ericsson LiveView will be available in stores in the fourth quarter of 2010.

source: Sony Ericsson



1. tlsmithsr

Posts: 81; Member since: Sep 28, 2010

Okay can someone tell me why not just look at my phone? instead of having to carry that around and then look at my phone? waste of money and energy sony ericsson

3. fsjon

Posts: 120; Member since: Sep 03, 2009

It's better than wearing a bluetooth headset if you ask me...I for one like this idea vs wearing a bluetooth headset and walk around looking like wearing an oversize ear ring in one ear.

4. tlsmithsr

Posts: 81; Member since: Sep 28, 2010

yea but it doesnt allow you to make or receive calls. its like another screen for your phone.. it allows u to see exactly whats on ur phone lol

2. kemper unregistered

lol so its for mommy and daddy in the next room over so they can see what their kids are doing! lm@o

5. Bhargav unregistered

Looks grt as a watch :)

6. hawk62

Posts: 320; Member since: Nov 21, 2009

Sounds great! It is kinda hard to hide my DX at work. That would make it easier.

7. xq10xa unregistered

they should make remote controls for remote controls.

8. Sirius85 unregistered

There are a lot of people with jobs that they have to be discrete with their phones, and this would be one great way to still be able to access info on you phone without having to try to hide it from you boss or cowokers, but there are also a lot of people who have jobs where they dont keep their phones in their pockets because of lifting or moving stuff and dont want to crack a screen or something too that nature, so having a watch sized display allows you to still see your phone without putting it in harms way. As long as it's not overly priced, I don't see it as a waste of money. It obviously only appeals to a certain crowd of people, but there are plenty of people whom this would make their lives much easier, myself being one of them.

9. jose81 unregistered

i would use it, around the house while my phone's charging or also like u said at work where we aren't allowed 2 b playing with our phones 4 security reasons. atleast then i could still catch msgs without having 2 pull my phone, instead of coming back 2 it after 30mins or more n finding my phone overrun with msgs, missed calls n stuff. i wonder what the price will b like.

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