Sonic CD is coming to a smartphone near you, possibly by the end of the year

Sonic CD is coming to a smartphone near you, possibly by the end of the year
Growing up in the early 90s, you might’ve been familiar with Sega’s most famous mascot – Sonic the Hedgehog. Even though Sega lives on today as being a company bent on producing quality games only, we’re still seeing them going back to their roots with the famous blue bad boy. More recently, we saw Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I being released for the iPhone, but now we can expect to see a classic title being ported over.

In fact, Sega is going to be stepping up things a bit this time around as they plan to release Sonic CD – a game that’s getting some much-needed updates to better fit the needs of mobile games. In addition to the usual gaming consoles, Sega plans to make it available with Windows Phone, Android, and iOS – so whatever smartphone you’re using, you can expect to see it.

Currently, the game is still in the development stage and is possibly on track for a release sometime this year. Some of the new improvements coming along for the ride include full widescreen support (since the original was in 4:3), the in-game music will be at loop during gameplay (as opposed to stopping at the end), and the option to select the type of spin-dash techniques and physics.

So if you were unable to experience the original title, you’ll soon have the opportunity of checking it out in full glory in the near future.

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