Some of OnePlus Two's hardware specs reportedly leaked by a Chinese reseller

Some of the OnePlus Two's hardware specs reportedly leaked by a Chinese reseller
OnePlus, the maker of the much-anticipated "flagship killer" for 2014 (the OnePlus One), is surely prepping a successor to its device for 2015. Well, we are not entirely sure if it will end up being called OnePlus Two, OnePlus One Two, or whatever combination between "one" and "two" you can think of, but we've already heard a number of rumors regarding this mysterious successor. Frankly said, the naming of the device is not as intriguing as the hardware that will be put inside it. 

Hopefully, we have some new information about the purported hardware of the smartphone. This time, the beans have been spilled by Coolicool, one of the re-sellers of the OnePlus One.

As per the rumor mill, he revealed that the OnePlus One's successor will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset (we hope that this doesn't turn out to be entirely true, as the upcoming Snapdragon 810 will make the phone a tad more compelling), a 5.5-inch display with no word on whether we'll be treated to a pixel-dense Quad HD one or OnePlus will put its faith into a 1080p one once again.

The rumors put 32GB of internal storage inside the phone, as well as a 3,300mAh battery at the rear, slightly bigger than the 3,100mAh one of the OnePlus One. What's more, the handset might end up with a 16MP main camera and a 5MP front-facing selfie one.

According to the reseller, the OnePlus One's successor will come to surface in Q3 2015, in line with the rumors we've had heard prior. Hopefully, its maker will ditch the invite system for good. There's also no word if the OnePlus Two will come with CyanogenMod or OnePlus will equip its second phone with the in-house Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM that it's reportedly working on as we speak

source: Coolicool via (translated)

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