Some early Galaxy S23 users are discovering Android Auto connection issues

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Some early Galaxy S23 users are discovering Android Auto connection issues
The recently announced Samsung Galaxy S23 line is supposed to officially launch on February 17th, however, some users have already started to receive their preorders. However, those that have been lucky enough to have received their phones early are noticing that they are unable to reliably connect them to Android Auto.

The reports initially came in through the Android Auto Help Google Community and Reddit, and then reported on by 9to5Google, where new S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra users expressed their frustrations at this feature not working on their brand new devices. The issue seems to be similar to what Pixel phones were experiencing after the January update, which introduced a bug that prevented devices with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) from pairing.

Furthermore, the issue persists even when trying different troubleshooting methods, such as USB debugging mode, changing the default USB configuration to transferring files/android auto mode, and even swapping out different USB-C cables. However, manually connecting to Bluetooth seems to work without issues. Some users even mentioned that this is a lingering issue that was also present on some S22 devices but was never fixed.

Since this is a brand new device that has not technically been released yet, it is likely that a software update will be pushed out soon to fix the issue, particularly since Google is already collecting the reports on the community page. However, it is important to note that this issue isn't affecting every S23 user and phones by other manufacturers do not seem to have any issues connecting to the same vehicles.

We'll just have to wait and see how quickly Samsung and Google can address this and issue a fix. In the meantime, for those affected, it appears that connecting manually via Bluetooth seems to be the only solution thus far.

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