Some Verizon iPad 2 owners are reporting some 3G connection blues

Some Verizon iPad 2 owners are reporting some 3G connection blues
Just when things were beginning to look like everything was going well for the iPad 2, especially after obtaining top honors on Consumer Reports’ rankings, there seem to be some nagging issues affecting Verizon iPad 2 owners.

Specifically, the issue relates to the 3G enabled version of Verizon’s iPad 2 unable to connect to Big Red’s 3G network. Although it doesn’t necessarily have any ties with any death grip issues, the problem is only resolved by performing the taxing process of resetting the tablet completely with the help of iTunes. Moreover, it’s unable to connect properly by resetting the network settings – so the only resolution is going through with that hard reset.

From the sound of it all on Apple’s discussion forums, one user started a thread regarding the problem on their iPad 2, and from there, it’s obvious from other owners that this isn’t an isolated issue. Increasing now to 6 whole pages of people conversing and attempting to troubleshoot the issue, it’s still yet to be conclusive whether or not this is indeed a widespread problem affecting many tablets.

source: Apple Support Forums via BGR & Business Insider
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