Some Galaxy S6 edge fronts appear scratched out of the box, displays show funky colors

Some Galaxy S6 edge displays appear scratched out of the box
A number of users have reported concentric or hairline scratches on their Galaxy S6 edge displays which are visible the second they take the phone out of its boxing wrapper. Those are not the deep I-carried-it-with-keys-in-my-pocket type of scratches, but rather those short abrasive bundles visible from an angle under strong light, like a car polish that has seen too many soft bristle washes.

The S6 edge has a proprietary 3D thermoformed Gorilla Glass 4 at the front, which has been heated and bent sideways to wrap around the flexible AMOLED with plastic substrate that makes the dual edge display of the unique flagship. That still doesn't explain why some units come pre-scratched out of the box, and others don't, though, so it might be a batch problem. As if to back this suspicion up, a picture has emerged that shows a gap in color representation from a scratched to a non-scratched Galaxy S6 edge, with the image post-processed to show quite a visible difference for even the untrained eye.

So far the issue seems to be mostly with T-Mobile models, of course, as no other carrier is shipping the S6 edge yet, but the sample is still too small for this to be called a thing, or considered widespread. Have you noticed your brand new Galaxy S6 edge looking like a weathered display unit yet?

source: XDA-Devs

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