So bad it's good - the best worst Russian driving games for Android

So bad it's good - the best worst Russian driving games for Android
The genre of Russian driving games is one of the biggest oddities you'll find in the Google Play Store, right alongside the numberless tower defence and MMO games. For all its beautiful cultural variety and world impact, Russia can be a crazy, crazy place to live in. It's the kind of country that makes youngsters climb towers and bridges with bare hands and brag with their insane achivements on YouTube in videos that make your head spin. And as the plethora of dashcam videos online shows, Russian roads are a place where everything and anything is possible, short of an alien invasion. These games try to capture the same spirit of scary-hilarious zaniness by virtue of crude graphics, clunky gameplay, and impeccably modelled old VAZ autos. Take a dish of seliodka, a glass of vodka, and pull these games by their ears!


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