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Snapdragon pioneer Toshiba TG01 is seen running Windows Phone 7

Snapdragon pioneer Toshiba TG01 is seen running Windows Phone 7
Although some of us have probably long forgotten about the Toshiba TG01, which was one of the first devices on the market to feature the all too prominent Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, it has actually appeared recently running Microsoft’s latest mobile platform.

Even before it became a Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone, the Toshiba TG01 was at one point being developed for Windows Phone 7. Despite being over two years old at this point, the YouTube video showing off the handset running Windows Phone 7 appears to be fairly smooth and operable. However, it’s rather too soon to tell whether or not we’ll eventually see some sort of ROM available that other owners could use to check out the platform with their devices.

Nonetheless, it goes to show that you can’t keep out some of these Snapdragon pioneers out of the loop since they’re fairly equipped even to this day in handling Microsoft’s revamped mobile platform.

via WMPoweruser

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