Smoked by Windows Phone ad campaign launches this week

Smoked by Windows Phone ad campaign launches this week
Given the success of the “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge, which we reported about during CES 2012, it is no surprise that Microsoft is now about to unleash a similarly themed, full-blown ad campaign. Starting this week, a series of 12 advertisements will be up and rolling on major tech web sites, as well as on the Windows Phone Facebook page, reports the Seattle Times.

The purpose of the advertisements is to convince people that Windows Phone is much faster at performing every day tasks when compared to the iPhone, Android smartphones, or any other type of handset on the market. You know, much like the original “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge. As Ben “The PC Guy” Rudolf demonstrated at CES 2012, Windows Phone excels when it comes to searching the web or sharing content on social networks. And for those who missed the show, videos of non-Windows Phone users challenging Ben and his HTC Titan will be posted on Facebook. Spoiler: almost every challenger got beaten.

The campaign will run until the end of April, so chances are you will spot the advertisements while surfing the web. 


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