Smartphone manufacturers not interested in Facebook Home

Smartphone manufacturers not interested in Facebook Home
With units of the HTC First collecting dust inside AT&T warehouses, it is no surprise that a number of other smartphone manufacturers have no interest in developing an Android model with the Facebook launcher pre-installed. The HTC First, the first handset to come with Facebook Home installed out of the box was released with a price tag of $99.99 on contract. That price has been cut by a massive 99% to 99 cents and even at that price, there doesn't appear to be any takers. The HTC First was also supposed to touchdown in the U.K., a trip that has been since canceled.

According to Industry sources, Facebook did a smart thing and approached top Android smartphone OEM Samsung about developing a Facebook Home powered model. Some might say that the Korean based tech titan did the smarter thing and turned Facebook down. But these sources say that some Android manufacturers haven't totally rejected the idea of putting together a Facebook Home supported model. Most likely these firms are waiting to see if Facebook improves the functionality of the launcher.

Meanwhile, OEMs like HTC, Sony and Huawei are said to be more interested in improving their own home screen and UI.

source: DigiTimes

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