Smartphone cameras used by professional photographers: the stunning views of Miami (part 2)


The world of photography has changed so profoundly in just the past few years. With smartphone cameras passing a certain threshold, the sheer number of captured images in the world has grown multiple times, and more and more of them gets shared on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and so many other venues. It’s hard to say when this transition started to snowball, but to us it seems that the growth of Instagram is a good point of measure. In this series of articles, we’d be exploring the amazing world of smartphone photography done right by professional photographers.

The star of our second installment of this series is Miami-based photographer Oleg Dobrinskiy (you can find him on Instagram as 'dobrinskiy') who has turned the beaches and endless summer of Florida into unforgettable, outworldly vivid cartoon slides. There is a very distinct style to all the images, and the photographer himself admits it:

"Many notice that most of my photographs follow a certain style. I like to add a retro style to my images (scratches, noise, washed out or sometimes overblown colors), trying to mimic paintings. That's the way I like to express what I see around me."

Dobrinskiy has two preferred apps: Snapseed and PicFx, and his preferred phone is the Apple iPhone. Check out his creations right below, and give him some Instagram love, if you like what you see.

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