Slow-mo: The iPhone 6 Plus undergoes the classic test against a 50-caliber shot, we won’t give away the ending

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You knew it was coming, the torture and endurance test is not a true test until it has faced the wrath of RatedRR’s firing range, in particular the Barrett M82A1 50-caliber sniper rifle, not only a mainstay of Rick Ryan’s arsenal, but a record-setting armament in sport as well as combat theaters.

Throw in the high-speed cameras which allow us to see all the action in slow motion, and the result is familiar, but hardly boring. RatedRR is in the middle of six days of destruction of the new iPhone 6 Plus, and today hinted at the possibility of a bonus 7th day too.

It has happened in the past when Ryan takes a shot along the long edge of a given gadget that the round ends up grazing the target. That is not the case in this instance, but as we said in the title of this piece, we are not giving away the ending because the video provides a description in a way that words simply fail.

All we are left to wonder is that if RatedRR unleased the Barrett in the middle of its calendar of destruction, what will the finale be?

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