And on the third day, another iPhone 6 Plus endures slow-motion torture

And on the third day, another iPhone 6 Plus endures slow-motion torture
When RatedRR embarked to carry out six different ways to destroy the new iPhone 6 Plus, they figured that the new smartphone had a chance of surviving at least two of those tests.

Day three’s test is not as exotic as liquid nitrogen, or as entertaining as seeing something blend, it is the old standby, the drop test. Water, dirt, and concrete all get a chance to do their best against the new iPhone 6 Plus.

We happen to think that this test might have been one that Rick Ryan thought would pass, and through the first two portions of enjoying the syrupy-smooth slow motion torture, it appears the iPhone 6 Plus is well on its way to surviving, until it meets concrete anyway.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. The bigger they are, the bigger they ultimately break, and we have already seen this story play out, where an iPhone 6 and its larger brother, the 6 Plus, met their demise in unspectacular fashion.

Of course, things look cooler when breaking as they are viewed through 35,000-frames-per-second slowed way down, the hallmark of RatedRR’s torture tests.  They have three devices left to put the screws to, what will they do next?


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