SlideIT yet another Swype-like keyboard but adds one new feature

SlideIT yet another Swype-like keyboard but adds one new feature
The Swype keyboard that was first seen on the Samsung Omnia II for Verizon Wireless isn't the only trace-like text input for Windows Mobile. The latest competitor in the keyboard input market is SlideIT which is a Soft Input keyboard that aims to lessen the strain of having to tap on a screen to make out long sentences. Similar to Swype, it claims to increase your writing speed after some time using it – plus it includes one new feature that simply allows the keyboard to expand pre-defined abbreviations. Ultimately the new feature would make some unusual words typically not registered by the SlideIT keyboard come up without much effort. Finally, it has support for Graffiti gestures and is compatible with a myriad of languages. As much as it seems like a decent offering and comes with a free demo, the full version is available for $7.99 – which may be a bit on the steeper side when there are many other input options already available to Windows Mobile. Despite that, you can test it out and see for yourself if it's worth purchasing.

source: SlideIT via wmpoweruser



1. dswatson83

Posts: 56; Member since: Jan 13, 2010

this stuff doesn't really work well with your finger cause you can't see the keyboard with your finger in the way. Works really well with a stylus for all you old time wm users

2. pdub73

Posts: 33; Member since: Nov 25, 2008

Not true...I can use my thumb or my index finger and I have no problems seeing the keyboard...and u don't have to be a typist either..I use swype one handed with my thumb and the only time I have trouble seeing the keyboard is when I'm watching the

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