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  • Six years later, Windows Phone finally has an official Instagram app (still in beta, though)

Six years later, Windows Phone finally has an official Instagram app (still in beta, though)

Posted: , by Luis D.

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Six years later, Windows Phone finally has an official Instagram app (still in beta, though)

The six years of desperate waiting for a native Instagram app on Microsoft's mobile platform have finally paid off! Available on Windows 10 (older builds are not supported), the long-awaited application is still in beta-testing, but it unquestionably looks, feels like, and does Instagram things. Being a port of the iOS app, it even comes with an emulation of Apple's Peek-and-Pop 3D Touch feature, letting you press and hold an image to preview it. This functionality is also present in the Android version.

Being in beta, Instagram for Windows 10 still has some kinks to be ironed out. For starters, some users can't log in with their Facebook accounts and are unable to use the "share to" function. It also crashes occasionaly, and moves a bit clunky. The app is certainly far from the polished experience offered on Android and iOS, but we imagine team Instagram is hard at work polishing the code for Microsoft's faithful users.

Good things come to those who wait!

While it's at it, the company is assuring its fans that both videos and photos will be editable with free, specially-tailored filters. 10 creative tools are promised to those wishing to get creative with their photos. Users will be able to tweak highlights, perspective, shadows and properties like contrast, brightness and saturation.

So, what took so long? Well, Instagram and parent company Facebook weren't all that interested in Microsoft's operating system with its diminutive market share (about 3% worldwide). However, it appears Microsoft and Facebook have shaken hands in Silicon Valley, for the Instagram port actually happened via Project Islandwood. This is one of the four Windows Bridge programs that let coders migrate apps to Windows from other platforms.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg promised the company will take advantage of Windows Bridge to bring apps to Windows 10 back in October 2015, and Instagram's release for Windows 10 Mobile that Zuck is staying true to his word. We guess that's what you should expect from a CEO that still spends his leisure time coding to keep up with technology.

source: Microsoft via TechTimes

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posted on 09 Mar 2016, 08:28

1. justrt (Posts: 437; Member since: 10 Jul 2014)

I downloaded it couple of days ago.. Crashes every single time when I hit 'log in'

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 08:46 1

4. aniqtheboyz (Posts: 9; Member since: 03 Sep 2013)

Move from SD Memory to Phone Memory

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 08:53

6. justrt (Posts: 437; Member since: 10 Jul 2014)

I actually played with it again.. Had to log out from 6tag... Anyway, it is still really slow and buggy.
It's in my phone memory. No card slot here.
Maybe the app runs better on the new Lumias. I run the insider preview on a Lumia 925

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 08:32 6

2. meanestgenius (Posts: 16748; Member since: 28 May 2014)

Meh...6tag (3rd party Instagram app for Windows Phone) is much better anyway.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 14:15 2

14. akki20892 (Posts: 3902; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

yep, much better than official one.

i'm using 6tag.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 14:32

15. meanestgenius (Posts: 16748; Member since: 28 May 2014)

I use it as well on my Lumia 640.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 08:37 5

3. Derekjeter (Posts: 1096; Member since: 27 Oct 2011)

i honestly thought they already had the IG app since every WP fan keeps fighting that they have all the major apps, and that nobody should complaint about missing apps in the OS.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 08:48

5. justrt (Posts: 437; Member since: 10 Jul 2014)

They do.. They've had WP 8 Instagram app for 2 years at least. That one never got out of beta also.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 09:56

8. xq10xa (Posts: 765; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

6 years later......and no one has a WP to use IG.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 12:10

10. meanestgenius (Posts: 16748; Member since: 28 May 2014)

Over 40 million users of Windows Phone would definitely disagree with your "and no one has a WP...." statement.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 12:31 1

11. xq10xa (Posts: 765; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

Obviously it's an exaggeration. You pedantic twat.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 13:50 6

12. meanestgenius (Posts: 16748; Member since: 28 May 2014)

Lmao! Somebody is bumburned because his trolling got outed. It always amuses me how an individual reacts to being called out for their trolling. Apply aloe and cool water for the pain, @$$-hat.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 15:34 1

16. sgodsell (Posts: 4899; Member since: 16 Mar 2013)

Listen you are the biggest troll on phonearena. You are the first to cut up every Android article and you even cut up iOS as well. He has a valid point. With only 4.4 million WP/Windows 10 mobile devices sold last quarter (90 days time frame), then WP has fallen off the map. These are facts. You are the pathetic individual meanestgenius. As if 40 million people are using Windows Phone on a daily basis. They pull them out of their draw to see if anything is new or happening. You have a better chance for waiting for hell to freeze over, then see what's new for Windows Phone/10 mobile.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 16:54 1

17. meanestgenius (Posts: 16748; Member since: 28 May 2014)

You're a TOTAL IDIOT that OBVIOUSLY has me CONFUSED with someone else. For example, I was DEFENDING Android in THIS VERY ARTICLE:


POST a link, ANY LINK, where I've trolled in an Android article? I'll wait...

But I can CERTAINLY post links where you've trolled iOS articles to NO END. It's really ironic that a KNOWN iOS TROLL is calling me a a troll, especially when you've just TROLLED WP IN THIS VERY ARTICLE. Sgodsell, you're a COMPLETE MORON and can now add LIAR to your list of qualifications. You're one of those idiots that think that everyone should just be using Android, as if having a CHOICE of which OS to use isn't ALWAYS the better option. It figures that a trolling buffoon such as yourself would run and defend someone else that's trolling. After all, trolls of a feather and all that....

Now, POST THE link that shows me trolling Android articles, or iOS articles. And don't be a p***y and use the known troll cop out saying that "you don't have to, you don't have time, you don't care about links", etc.

I'm waiting, @$$hat....

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 17:06 2

18. meanestgenius (Posts: 16748; Member since: 28 May 2014)

Furthermore, how would YOU know what Widows Phone users do with their handsets? Have you ever even used one? Or are you one of those fools that thinks that Android is the answer for everything? Because judging by what MANY Android OEM's are making (or more appropriately, NOT MAKING) profit-wise, I'd say Android ISN'T always the answer. And judging by THIS:


I'd say Windows Phone fans are not only sticking by their OS of choice, they are USING IT on a daily basis, unlike what your BS comment suggest.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 09:57 7

9. Bernoulli (Posts: 4331; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

Windows phone has had the official instagram app come two years now, I didn't even read the article, that's BS, and no I wasn't even talking about Rudy huyn's app, that one at least 4 years now.

posted on 10 Mar 2016, 00:38

21. lalalaman (Posts: 637; Member since: 19 Aug 2013)

yea....its an epic fail.....click bait....WP already had a official IG app that is in beta...this release is for W10 mobile to be exact

anyone who does not know about 6tag or 6sec does not have a right to use WP :D

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 14:05

13. Cyberchum (Posts: 753; Member since: 24 Oct 2012)

Is Instagram already 6 years old? How time flies.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 23:35

20. jroc74 (Posts: 6019; Member since: 30 Dec 2010)

I dont know whats more shocking...this article or the fact that WP/*Win Mo has been around going on 6 years...with no significant growth in market share.

*I HATE that MS went back to using the Win Mo name....because if you count the old and new Win Mo...its been around for a loooong time.

posted on 09 Mar 2016, 22:35 1

19. justrt (Posts: 437; Member since: 10 Jul 2014)

Messenger is soon to join

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