Siri saves man who was paralyzed following Jeep rollover in the freezing cold Nevada desert


The Apple Watch isn't the only device made by the company that saves lives. The Apple iPhone 5s  has taken some shrapnel for a soldier, saving his life. And another iPhone model also took shrapnel, saving the life of Lisa Bridgett; Ms. Bridgett was attending the now infamous Ariana Grande concert in Manchester where a terrorist detonated a suicide bomb.

From KSNV-TV comes the latest story of a life saved thanks to the iPhone. To be more precise, it was virtual personal assistant Siri that performed the heroic task. It seems that Nate Felix was driving his Jeep in the Nevada desert on December 7th, when it flipped over onto a dry bed. Attempting to exit the vehicle, Felix was not only in too much pain to move, he also broke two vertebrae rendering him 80% paralyzed.

Besides the serious injuries he received from the accident, Felix also had to worry about the freezing cold weather that is typical for the Nevada desert during the winter nights. He had his dog lay next to him for the warmth, but soon realized that this was not going to help him all night. And there was no one near him who would be able to hear him scream. Well, except for Siri. While Felix didn't know where his iPhone was, he started calling out for Siri to call anyone who he could think of, but none of the calls would go through. Finally, he yelled out for Siri to call 911 and was connected.

When the Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Services arrived, they had to use the jaws of life to pry Felix out of the Jeep. He was airlifted to the hospital, and released after four days. While he now needs a wheelchair to get around, he is lucky to be alive. Had Siri not been able to connect to emergency services, Felix might not have been found for days. In fact, he might not have even survived the first night. "If he had stayed out there in the cold, he could’ve easily gone into hypothermia," said Fire-Rescue Services Captain James Perry.
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