Siri might soon remind you that it is time to take your medicine

Siri might soon remind you that it is time to take your medicine
Sometimes, taking medication can be a pain. Let's say you're on a course of antibiotics. You might have to remember to take one every four hours. If you skip one, you might not get better as quickly as you would like. Wouldn't it help if Siri reminded you to take your pill each time you are due to take one? A new patent received by Apple from the USPTO on Thursday, deals with the ability of Siri to power a system that would remind you of certain things based on information garnered from sensors placed around the home or office.
With this patent, you might find Siri being able to remind you to take your medicine after meals. Sensors could tell Siri to make this reminder based on your location (in the kitchen) or the time. If you fail to take your medicine by a pre-determined time, Siri could issue a reminder. And there are many potential uses for the system discussed in the patent. For example, Siri could remind you that your favorite television show is on.

When you're ill and weak, it can be easy to forget your scheduled medicine. But with this patent, Siri will have your back to make sure you get better as soon as possible. Just keep in mind that with the use of sensors and this patented technology, you might not be able to hide from Siri.

source: USPTO via PatentlyApple, TheGuardian

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