Shark Tank presentation spotlights the pursecase for smartphones so you can be "stylin' and dialin'"

Shark Tank presentation spotlights the pursecase for smartphones so you can be
If you're one of the few who haven't viewed one of television's guiltiest pleasures, make sure you tune in to Shark Tank next Friday at 9PM on ABC. The show matches wanna-be entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas to a panel of extremely wealthy investors. How wealthy? Let's just say that Mark Cuban is one of the panelists.

We've mentioned the show on these pages before, back in October when an appearance on Shark Tank propelled a QR reader called Scan to the top of the app charts. On Friday, the product being pitched was a lot less hi-tech, but still interesting for some smartphone users. A couple of female inventors (just noting, not judging) named Kelley Coughlan and Jenn Dees presented their pursecase which is a small purse for smartphones. Not only is it designed so that you can take pictures while the phone is protected by the case, there is a little purse (hence the name) where items can be stored.

The product was originally funded at Kickstarter where the girls met the $35,000 funding goal they were seeking. We should point out that the case is available for the Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4s and Apple iPhone 5  with a version coming for the Samsung Galaxy S III. The price of the pursecase is $29.

As for the Shark Tank appearance, QVC's Lori Greiner ended up as the Shark taking a bite out of the pursecase despite the fact that she already sells something similar on QVC. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a nifty holiday gift idea for the female iPhone owner in your life, the pursecase could be a great and useful gift to put under the tree this year.

source: KickStarter, pursecase



1. KillgoreTrout

Posts: 53; Member since: Sep 04, 2013

Women are naturally stupid, so I could definitely see this selling a lot.

2. squallz506

Posts: 1075; Member since: Oct 19, 2011

We have a similar product at my work, for $5. Almost exactly the same, a silicone case with purse strap. We also carry cases that have built in compact mirrors, and bling wristlet case, and we sell tons. Mostly to girls between the ages of 10-15. We only carry these feminine cases for iPhone 4 & 5. Apparently Iphones are crazy popular with preteen girls. Also we have cute gem and critter home buttons for iphones for $3. And we sell boxes a day.

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