Seesmic for Android: How tweet it is!

Seesmic for Android: How tweet it is!
Seesmic for Android has just introduced its new 1.2 version. The mobile Twitter app has made many improvements and could be the one preferred over Twidroid. Seesmic offers support for multiple accounts. In fact, you can open as many accounts as you'd like with the default account noted with a green dot. All Twitter timelines will be on one simple screen. Videos, photos and info on your location can be shared via tweets. The new build allows for cross posting, the fonts can be made extra large and the program remembers your last scrolling position so that the app can easily return to the last position you were at before moving around. Choose to be notified for a response to one of your tweets or a direct message, and be alerted via a flashing light and/or a special ringtone. Profile info will now be updated automatically and while composing your messages, Seesmic will auto-correct and auto-capitalize (wouldn't it be great if it could auto-drive?) The official feedback page is where you can leave feedback and opinion.about the new build. If you used the original Seesmic app, give it another shot. This upgrade makes Seesmic a whole new app for the Android user who tweets on the go.

source: Seesmic via AndroidandMe


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