Scrolling slated to improve on your Android device's Chrome browser

Scrolling slated to improve on your Android device's Chrome browser
Scrolling is going to be smoother on the Chrome browser on your phone and tablet. That is because Google plans on using Microsoft's Pointer Events API and integrating it into the browser. The Pointer Events API allows interactions with the touch and mouse to be seen as a single event (in Chrome they are seen as two separate events) which provides benefits to users and developers.

One major benefit to both is smoother scrolling. Some of the other browsers like Firefox and IE, run smoother than Chrome. The Chromium team listened to feedback from web developers, framework authors, and other browser vendors who said that Pointer Events would be a great addition to the platform. As the Chromium team wrote, "Since we’re committed to a web platform which evolves collaboratively through open discussion and data from real-world development, we need to take this feedback very seriously."

The currently used Touch Events API is not going to disappear, and with IE supporting both, it is possible that Chrome also will continue using Touch Events while starting to implement the Pointer Events API. The bottom line is that Chrome users will soon have a better scrolling experience. This is not going to happen overnight, however. Still, it is something that Chrome users can look forward to.

source: Google via Engadget, AndroidCentral

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