Screenshots compare Walkman lock screens of Sony Xperia Z1 and Sony D6503 Sirius

Screenshots compare Walkman lock screens of Sony Xperia Z1 and Sony D6503 Sirius
Over the last couple of days, we've seen a plethora of leaked screenshots for the Sony D6503 Sirius. The 4K video app, the Timeshift app and the Creative Effect editing app were revealed in one leak, while another leak showed off the 15.5MP manual mode for the back camera. The leaks are coming from a lucky individual who has a prototype of the D6503, probably in his hands right now.

The latest screenshot compares the Xperia UI Walkman lock screen of the Android 4.3 flavored Sony Xperia Z1 and that of the KitKat powered Sony D6503 Sirius (R). On the D6503 screen is a music scrubber that you can use on any part of the music to be played. You won't find this on the Android 4.3 powered Xperia Z1 as it is native to Android 4.4. In addition, you'll notice the camera launch icon on the bottom of the D6503 screen while there is none on the Xperia Z1's screen.

Remember that option to switch to the new ART Android runtime program we showed you the other day on a Korean LG G2 updated to Android 4.4.2? The gentleman with the D6503 prototype says that this option has yet to be seen on his phone, although his prototype is running KitKat.

Thanks, Anonymous Tipster!

source: XperiaGuide


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