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Say hello to the enV3 for Verizon

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Say hello to the enV3 for Verizon
First came the LG V (vx9800), followed by the enV (vx9900) and enV2 (vx9100). Then we heard that the new successor would be the enV3 vx9200, but haven't seen any pictures or specifications...until today. Thanks to VZW E over at HowardForums, we can now see what the device will look like and know for a fact that it will come with the 3MP camera and flash. The external dial pad is slightly curved and looks less like a calculator, with a larger and more functional display. The interior still appears to have the same stereo speakers and QVGA display that is used on the enV2, but the QWERTY keypad now has a single Space button in the middle, instead of one on each side. A few of the functions buttons are now blue in color, instead of being orange.

LG enV3 Preliminary Specifications

source: VZW E at HowardForums

Say hello to the enV3 for Verizon
Say hello to the enV3 for Verizon

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