Samsung’s marketing juggernaut continues with a new ad for the Galaxy S5 and S Health

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What more can be said of the Samsung Galaxy S5 that hasn’t already been said (or written)? It’s a Samsung. The new flagship is selling like hotcakes around the world, with more than 10 million units shipped before the first month of availability was over.

The newest Galaxy builds on the success of its predecessor, albeit incrementally, but what increments they are. The Galaxy S5 score crazy well on our battery test. The camera is fast and takes great photos. It’s water and dust resistant which is a nice thing to have. The Galaxy S5 is also packing lots of Samsung features to enrich the user experience.

In our review of the Galaxy S5, our gripes were few. The fingerprint sensor was frustrating, and we felt that the heart rate sensor could have performed batter too. For a flagship, some more premium materials in the construction would have been nice, but it looks like Samsung has been listening after all, as a Galaxy S5 Prime appears to be in the works.

Tie all this together with a marketing campaign that has virtually unlimited money to spend, and you get cool colorful ads, and you get effective, feature focused ads like the one Samsung uploaded today. While there is a saying about having “an app for that,” Samsung is a company that has “a product for that.” Indeed, ACME (A Company that Makes Everything) would seem to be a more apt title for the conglomerate.

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