Samsung's i8510 Primera is a super phone

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Samsung's i8510 Primera is a super phone
Forgive us if we miss a feature or two here, but the Primera is so jam-packed that it will be the most feature-rich phone ever. It starts with the 8-megapixel, autofocus camera with LED (strangely it is not Xenon) flash. The phone runs off the latest S60 platform, navigated via the optical mouse also found on the OMNIA. It features 128MB of RAM, 16GB of internal NAND memory with microSDHC expansion and has 3G HSDPA 7.2Mbps, Wi-Fi, GPS (with aGPS) and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. It is DLNA certified, and supports DivX, TV out and has a dedicated 3D graphics accelerator. On the audio front, the Primera offers a 3.5mm headset jack and stereo speakers, and for the first time ever on a mobile phone, there is support for 5.1 surround sound. The camcorder records in QVGA quality at up to 120fps for slow motion video. The screen is 2.8" with 16m colors, though it's not clear what the resolution will be. One report says QVGA, but with all the other features that doesn't seem right and we'd hope to see a VGA panel. At 106.5mm×53.9mm×16.9mm the Primera is a bit on the thick side, but with all those features, 17mm is pretty impressive. It is rumored to be announced mid-August, carrying an astounding €789 ($1240) pricetag!

sources: Symbian Freak and GSM Arena



1. unregistered

hmmm samsungs answer to the N96??

15. unregistered

No...Samsung's answer to Nokia's 8MP phone due later this year

29. unregistered

your both wrong samsungs answer to my shit omnia is way better

2. unregistered

^ The samsung phones in Korea don't support DIVX?

19. unregistered

in Korea doesn't support DIVX. not only Samsung but LG... all cellphone does't support divx... T.T

28. tictac unregistered

well, my Omnia from Samsung does - all I had to do was to register the s/w.

3. unregistered

Wow steep pricetag but it looks like a pretty awesome phone...too bad it's not here in the US

4. unregistered

^ Be Nice lol Looks super cool, Samsung does good with design. Hefty price tag but then again instead of a 8mp cam (200[?]) ipod (250) internet tablet etc. all in one I guess it would even out?

5. Ruben unregistered

And the optical zoom?

6. rj04 unregistered

That looks like an led flash, doesn't it? Also, 17mm is not thick at all for this feature set.

7. unregistered

not at all, but compared to other handsets on the market its husky. one of those links says xenon, the other says led. perhaps thats why they went with "xenon (?)" in the article

8. Demy unregistered

very great phone!!!... with heavy price..hehehe

9. unregistered

actually docomo sh905 is the first cellphone to have dolby 5.1 surround sound.

10. rj04 unregistered

I don't think they consider any of the docomo phones when writing reviews. They have hi-def screens and we have QuarterVGA, no comparison. It will have to be a xenon flash if they expect me or any other camera phone junky to lay down that kind of cash for it. Also, the slow-mo video is great for a golf swing or birds flying but if it can't do VGA quality at 30fps like my N82 then the video is worthless, imo.

11. unregistered

this phone is going to be able to record VGA 30 fps if is capable to record QVGA 120fps because the power needed to process 120 fps QVGA is equal with 30 fps VGA and i don't know why they wouldn't put VGA video recording in it..this problem has already been discused with the n95 and n82,and they wanted to come out with softwares that would record 120fps QVGA with n82 and n95..even if it's not going to be able to record VGA 30fps this problem is going to be later solved with softwares..

12. unregistered

holy crap that is a lot of dough. i thought they were advertising a digital camera when i saw the pic haha

14. C-Chickie unregistered

I know right. You can tell the number one feature they are going to promote on that beautiful camera

13. yy unregistered

n96 c905 i8510 ??

16. unregistered

What, no touchscreen?

17. xy unregistered

Yeah, why not TOUCHSCREEN?

18. unregistered

it is S60 Symbian

20. unregistered

I have the iPhone 3G and I promise that you guys will be happier with a iPhone then that shit *** samsung that has a crappy freezing os. You know how much they freeze?? I do your reading a comment of a phone proffesional. The best phone is the iphone if not well the dare but the touch screen is not as good. I know these things you will defintelty be happier with an iPhone. Can this samsung support 3rd party apps? No. It can't. Third party apps are amazing. Does this phone have a querty? No. Does it have touch screen with the REAL INTERNET AND THE ABILITY TO DOWNLOAD MUSIC straight to your phone????? NO !!!!!! Forget about the glyde and voyager and those crappy windows mobile phones if those phones are on your list HaHA get lost I AM ONLY TRYING TO HELP YOU TECHNOLOGY rich people

21. unregistered

Its people like you who get sucked in by Apples UI and overlook its shortcomings that the simplest phones can achieve. Actually up until July 11th I didn't know iPhone users could download music to their handset. The point is this Samsung has 8mp camera supports 5.1 surround sound etc., and im sure this Samsung can well, handle picture messaging. :)

22. octavian unregistered

u are a proffesional?:)))i8510 runs Symbian 9.3 you know what that means?:)) it means that you can install almost everything on it..from free prof GPS programs like route66,sygic,garmin XT etc to really nice 3D games and stuff absolutly FREEE,you have much more posibilities in terms of software instalation with symbian.the iphone is a total bullshit the speaker volume is very very low,the 2mpx camera is a total crap,no mms:))) hello we are in this moment i8510 is the u even know what DLNA means?:)) this phone has it:P.have u ever had a good symbian phone?i have a n95 8gb and a n82 and they run very smooth and fast.and a hardware keyboard is always better than a virtual one..and it has REAL internet like u call it:))) you can download FREE music on the phone if u know how to do it;)

26. tictac unregistered

come on, just calm down. The iPhone 3G is made for Apple lovers who just do not want to believe that there is something else than those (actually superb) products. I decided to go for the Samsung Omnia vs. iPhone 3G, as I need fully functional BluTooth connectivity, full MS office compatibility, plus I am using the Omnia as my Navigation System (works fine with iGo8 and other s/w). Freezing a Samsung phone is usually happening if memory is full, according to my experience... but not at any other occasions. The touchscreen on my Omnia is definitely not "multitouch" like the Apple product, but I do not need that "cryptic" or "mystical" gesture. Tapping twice on the screen to do something works fine for me. Maybe the show-effect is less to impress others... Last, but not least: Yes, Sir, Omnia as well as this new phone do offer FULL internet access. My feeling says that postings like yours are made by people who are stuck in an old Apple advertising tag: "The "computer" for the rest of us". I cannot get rid of my feeling that this behaviour is disturbing the massive majority. Please just stick to the facts. Not just on an opinion which ignores real life facts.

23. jrcrow unregistered

*meh*..a high end 8mp camera

24. rj04 unregistered

If your still looking at this Apple clone please explain how A2DP was not added to the new Iphone? I bought an SE k800 cybershot phone almost two years ago and it had A2DP. Yes, a camera phone had it 2 years ago. You people f'n amaze me. You'll sacrifice so much to be part of the club.

27. unregistered

Why should this be an "Apple clone"??? Are you confused? Everybody would say that the most comparable product to the Apple product is the Samsung Omnia. And yes, even this is far more "open" than the "closed-ecosystem-Apple-moneymaking-machine" new iPhone 3G, as it offers fully functional BluTooth, MMS capability, an "open" GPS function, MS Office compatibility, 8/16GB built-in memory PLUS up to additional 16GB... and even more. The only thing any other company than Apple will maybe not offer is... Multitouch. Are those Apple lovers not willing to pay an immense "premium" of up to 50% vs. comparable products from other manufacturers? Well, just have a good look at the real life.

25. Ubetido unregistered

Latest version of Symbian ? I thought that was ( 9.5 ) which has Freeway. Are there actually any phones out there that run 9.5 yet ?

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