What Google doesn't give you, Samsung Labs will - get Android 10 features on your Galaxy right now

What Google doesn't give you, Samsung Labs will - get Android 10 features on your Galaxy right now
The so-called "pure" or "stock" Android that you can find on phones like the Pixel 4, has proven to be behind the manufacturer overlays in features if not in smooth moves. Samsung's One UI interface overlay, on the other hand, as one of the most feature-rich out there, will always be accused to be "bloated" and slow - two sides of the same coin.

With the new One UI 2, Samsung added even more options, while at the same time working on integrating Android 10's navigation gestures whose role so far was only served by a Samsung app that can be downloaded from the Play Store.

By posting these add-ons as separate apps, Samsung leaves it to users to decide whether they want to add more bloat functionality to their phone's interface, with a collection of actions and customization options it calls Good Lock. The approach shoots two birds with one stone - besides being an opt-in for experimental UI features, it also allows users with older or midrange Galaxy phones to preview some of the features that Google subsequently bakes into Android, like the navigation gestures.

As if to expand on Good Lock, Samsung now has another such suite of apps in the cooking, dubbed Galaxy Labs, reports SamMobile. While it's only out somewhere in the  Dutch Galaxy Store at the moment, you can sideload it if you are interested to play with the four apps inside - File Guardian, Battery Tracker, Battery Guardian, and App Booster.

File Guardian lets you bring back deleted files from your phone’s storage, while App Booster "optimizes" the apps on your phone for faster start and performance somehow. As if to prove the "what Android doesn't give you, Samsung will" point, Battery Tracker offers a granulated overview of your pack's health and discharge rates for longer periods of time - something that is only coming to your older Galaxy with the Android 10 update

If you are curious to experience it right now, and you are not in the land of windmills, sideload both the Galaxy Labs and Galaxy Labs Agent tools, and then any of the four utility apps that Samsung offers there at this point in time.

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