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Samsung's 2020 Galaxy phone design may be all about Premium Hole displays


UPDATE: The Galaxy A51 just leaked, and it indeed features a mid-display punch hole, so that's most likely what will be announced next week by Samsung as the new 2020 A-series indeed.

By now, the Galaxy S11 series design is more or less clear - think Note 10 rather than S10 at the front, and a big rectangular camera island on the back. Samsung's so-called Premium Hole Infinity-O design means one thing - a front camera lens piercing that is situated in the middle of the display's top end.

It's no wonder that Samsung won't risk a cameo of some brand new and unproven design on its bread-and-butter S-series but will rather perfect and refine the still-fresh Note 10 looks, at least at the front.

After all, 2020 will be a second year for the Premium Hole Display, and we all know that "tock" years are for camera and under the hood upgrades, just like the leaked renders with a crazy camera island on the back to accommodate all the new hardware hint at.

The centered punch hole concept will be so prevalent for Samsung next year, it seems, that it will be equipping the midrange A-series, usually its experimental playground in terms of looks, with it. 

An A-series 2020 announcement invitations just went out for December 12, and it shows a phone with centered front camera lens in a pierced display, as you can see in Samsung's promo video for its midrangers above.

Thus, the new A-series, or at least some of its models, may be visually similar to the 2020 S-series, enticing those who can't shell out for the top-end models to think that they are getting a very close experience.

This, and the fact that the centered punch-hole design will make Samsung's Galaxy phones visually trademarked in the proverbial eye of the beholder. What do you think about the Note 10 and eventual S11 design trickling down to the A-series as well, yea or nay?

Is Samsung right to bet it all on the centered punch hole in 2020?

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