Samsung wins first place in 5G phone sales for first quarter of 2020

Samsung wins first place in 5G phone sales for first quarter of 2020
As more and more phones become capable of the new 5G technology that offers overall faster download speeds, vendors start producing more 5G-enabled smartphones. Now, there is a report showing which smartphone vendor managed to sell the most 5G-enabled phones in the first quarter of 2020.

SamMobile reports that, according to a research provided by The Korea Herald, Samsung has won the title. Reportedly, the South-Korea-based tech giant has sold more 5G-capable phones than its competitors around the globe.

Samsung shipped around 8.3 million 5G-enabled phones globally for the first quarter of the year, winning 34.4% of the 5G smartphone market share. China-based vendors like Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi, despite offering 5G phones, did not manage to win first place on that statistic.

Second place was given to Huawei, which shipped 8 million 5G smartphones and reached a market share of 33.2%, which is a pretty close call to Samsung’s first place. Vivo earned 12% of the global market share on 5G phones, followed by Xiaomi with 10.4%.

Overall, globally, 24.1 million 5G-capable smartphones were shipped for the first quarter of the year, while the technology is still in its infancy and not available to all countries yet. However, more and more markets get access to it and in consequence, the new technology is expected to be able to generate even more smartphone sales.

Additionally, we expect more affordable variants of 5G smartphones to come later this year on the market, as well as the 5G iPhones, expected sometime in the fall of 2020, which could further drive wider 5G adoption. Are you looking at buying a 5G smartphone or would you rather wait for the technology to be more available before going for it?

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