Samsung to start mass production of 300ppi+ Super AMOLED displays in Q2 2012, right for the Galaxy S III

Samsung to start mass production of 300ppi+ Super AMOLED displays in Q2, right for the Galaxy S III
The 800x1280 pixels HD Super AMOLED display that the 5.3" Samsung Galaxy Note sports is no doubt a wonderful piece of technology that heralds the era of high-definition smartphone displays that we've been dreaming about for years.

To achieve this nutty resolution with the current expensive FMM production method for its AMOLED displays, Samsung is utilizing a clever trick called the PenTile matrix, where one individual pixel consists of two instead of three different subpixels. While not a dealbreaker, and used Motorola's qHD screens too, with AMOLED this effectively lowers the handset's pixel density by about a third, making it on par with what the Samsung Galaxy S II has to offer, since it sports Super AMOLED Plus display with a normal RGB matrix. 

Granted, we have a full inch difference in diagonal size between the two smartphones, but the point is that the ultimate happiness will be achieving those 720p+ definitions with a normal matrix. Here is the table of the current pixel densities, as well as how much the use of PenTile reduces them:

ProductNameSize(inch)ResolutionPixel TypeppiWith Sub-pixelDisplayTypeTFTTech
GALAXY S14800 x 480Pentile233155AMOLEDLTPS
GALAXY S24.3800 x 480RGB217217AMOLEDLTPS
Enter the LITI (Laser-Induced Thermal Imaging) production method, about which we've written numerous times to be way cheaper than the current FMM lines for mobile AMOLED displays, and, most importantly, it allows for 300ppi+ pixel densities, due to the fact that lasers bring printing accuracy down to 2.5 micrometers from the current 15.

Until this moment, however, we didn't have any exact schedule when will Samsung Mobile Display have part of its production lines in the new factory adopt the LITI method for Super AMOLED mobile displays. Now, courtesy of a Korean investment research, we finally have the timeframe for the A2 5.5-Gen phase 3 line, which is supposed to utilize LITI for the first time in mass quantities. 

What made us excited about the otherwise dry investment research piece, is that phase 3 is listed as beginning mass production in Q2 of next year, and this conveniently falls into the timeframe when the rumored Samsung Galaxy S III with even crazier alleged screen resolution of 1024x1280 pixels is about to enter production. On its supposed 4.65" display this translates to 352ppi, which now sounds much more plausible then when we heard the rumor a few days ago. Well, does HD Super AMOLED Plus feel too long for you?

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