Samsung to demo WiMAX 2 by streaming full HD-3D videos with up to 330 Mbps

Samsung to demo WiMAX 2 by streaming full HD-3D videos with up to 330 Mbps
Who said that WiMAX has no future? At the CEATEC show in Japan, Samsung will present a demo of WiMAX 2, theoretically capable of speeds up to 330 Mbits. So, fret not, HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G owners, your WiMAX network is not going away. The second generation is said to be compatible with the current WiMAX standard, thus the existing base stations can be upgraded to the new speeds with additional equipment.

Together with UQ Communications, Samsung is planning to demonstrate full HD-3D video streaming - you know, the kind that your phone will be capable of at the end of next year. It is also gracing 4 large size displays with 16 HD videos in total, over the airwaves, to show you what the technology is capable of. Now that's what we call 4G - hopefully when the time comes for commercial deployment in the end of next year, the data plans will be cheaper, or we - richer.

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source: SamsungHub

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2. pingpong

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I'll just patiently wait for 10G. Available sometime in the next century!

1. remixfa

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yea, thats nice. what about about a timeline. what about building penetration. if your talking 2012-2013 launch at earliest, it might be too late for wimax because by then VZW will have most of its network on LTE, with some by ATT, maybe even tmobile, sprint, and clearwire. I love the sound of it, dont get me wrong, but the american market seems to finally be converging on one main technology and unless wimax2 comes soon (and stays cheaper), theres a 100% chance it will be LTE, for better or worse.

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