Samsung is still dominating the OLED screen market by far

Samsung is still dominating the OLED screen market by far
Most of us probably know that when it comes to OLED screens, Samsung is leading the industry, holding a grip on almost all of the OLED panel production and shipping market. Notably, smartphone makers who buy OLED screens from Samsung include Apple, Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi among others.

According to a report from market search firm Stone Partners (via SamMobile), Samsung's display panel division shipped 61.6 million smartphone OLED screens in just the first quarter of 2020, leaving rival OLED screen makers to share the miniscule, in comparison, shipments of 6.7 million panels. During that time, Samsung held over 90% of the OLED market share, with the percentage likely to rise, as the South Korean giant increases its shipments of the increasingly-popular punch hole screens to other smartphone companies. Punch hole meaning, the phone doesn't need to have a top bezel or a notch, as its selfie camera can be placed inside a tiny hole on the display. Even Samsung's upcoming mid-range Galaxy M51 model is expected to boast such a display panel.

As a titan in the OLED industry, Samsung has also been showing off its bendable OLED screen technology for a long while, with notable demonstrations dating back to seven years ago. Bendable OLED panels finally made their way into consumer smartphones such as the Galaxy Fold last year, with its upcoming second iteration to have an even better, ultra thin glass screen, as opposed to plastic, similar to the screen of the well-performing Galaxy Z Flip.

Like many other businesses, currently Samsung is suffering a drop in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing a decrease in smartphone sales, with its recent Galaxy S20 reportedly selling 40% worse than the preceding S10 model.

The semiconductor division of Samsung, however, has been doing well despite the global pandemic, as demand for semiconductors continues to be consistent, and may even increase in the near future.

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