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Samsung remains deaf to Galaxy S III build quality issues

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Samsung remains deaf to Galaxy S III build quality issues
A few weeks ago we informed you that a lot of Galaxy S III users seem to be having troubles with the build of their devices. Most of the issues had to do with cracks appearing around the camera area and on the sides of the handset. Back then, it was said that Samsung is aware of the issue and is investigating it, but an official statement was missing. It turns out there's nothing like that and the company hasn't taken any actions yet to make up for the inconveniences caused to its customers.

Today, we were contacted by another of our readers who's obviously experiencing the same problems with their Galaxy S III. When they spotted a crack on the bottom of their handset, they tried to contact Samsung, but the company replied that this particular kind of damage isn't covered by the warranty, and they have to take the device to Samsung's Repair Center. When our reader visited the closest Repair Center, they were told that about 30 users have already brought their Galaxy S III's to this center, due to similar issues. Apparently, the guys from the Samsung Repair Center have reported the issue to Samsung, however, the company has denied to admit it being a widespread problem.

We've reached out to Samsung to see if they have something interesting to say regarding the situation and will report to you when we get an answer.

Here's the full, uncut message by our user:

Samsung remains deaf to Galaxy S III build quality issues
Apologies as the attached is not the best photo and I hope you will be able to spot the crack to the bottom of the handset slightly to the right of the home button. It is incorrect to say Samsung is investigating this issue as I noticed the crack yesterday and contacted them only to be told I needed to take it to a Samsung Repair Centre as it is not covered by warranty. I advised that I felt it was a manufacturer's defect to no avail. The Service Centre has repaired around 30 devices with the same issue and claim to have reported the issue to Samsung who refuse to flag the issue. Effectively, this means me paying an additional £135 to effect the repair of a phone which is 1 Month old!

Please advise all readers and I sincerely hope you will investigate this issue and take the matter up with Samsung as it is absolutely inequitable.

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