Samsung releases Android 8 update schedule for 12 of its devices

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Samsung releases Android 8 update schedule for 12 of its devices
Samsung is notoriously slow when it comes to Android updates. Google officially released Android 9 Pie the other day, but Samsung is yet to release the previous version to a number of its devices. Now the company released a list of smartphones and tablets along with the month in which they should be getting Android 8 Oreo.

Samsung's premium S line receives the updates with priority, so naturally, the list consists mostly of mid-range phones. A nice inclusion are the two devices from 2016, for them Android 8 will be the second major OS update, after they were released with Android 6. This should make owners of 2017 devices hopeful that they will get Android 9 one day, if they keep their phones long enough to receive it.

On the other side, some 2018 models will receive the Oreo update around 5 months after it was replaced with the newer operating system, meaning they likely won't get a taste of the Pie until this time next year at the earliest.

The fragmentation of the Android market is something Google has been struggling with and trying to improve on, but ultimately it's up to the manufacturers to send out updates in a timely manner. Samsung's philosophy appears to be "Better late than never!" and we can't really argue with that.


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