Samsung pulls Health app support from its older phones

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Samsung pulls Health app support from its older phones
The Samsung Health support cycle has apparently rolled in again and the Health app will no longer be operational, updated with new features, or given bug fixes on, say, your old but gold Galaxy S8 or Note 8 handsets.

Samsung has been known to drop older phones from the support roster for its popular health and fitness services controlled by the application, as the last time it did so was back in 2021.

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Needless to say, those old Samsung phones should've been replaced by something newer by now, yet a lot of people are still holding on to their dear compact handsets of yesteryear and only swapping batteries when the need arises.

Tucked in the latest Samsung Health app version 6.27, a system message meant to be shown on older devices has been found by AssembleDebug for Android Authority, and it warns that Samsung Health will no longer be supported on Android 9 and below gear.

"Please be advised that from 24/6/2024, Samsung Health (v6.27) will no longer be available on devices running Android OS 9.0, or lower," reads the message, and continues that those who wish to enjoy new features and further support should move to at least Android 10.

Given that one needs Samsung Health to pair with and control or view their sleep tracking, fitness and wellbeing reports coming from most wearables and fitness accessories, even if not made by Samsung, the move to cut support should be enough of a push to upgrade.

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