Samsung promises "64-bit functionality" in next smartphones, because it can't let Apple have anything "special"

Samsung promises "64-bit functionality" in next smartphones
That's right folks, we're back in the day care play area and Samsung is jealous of Apple's new 64-bit toy. Samsung apparently doesn't care much that 64-bit processing won't really help Apple all that much in the near future, nor that 64-bit support will be completely useless on an Android device (unless Android 4.4 KitKat is bringing 64-bit support.) 

Samsung has promised that its next smartphones will have "64-bit processing functionality", which of course means nothing right now. As we mentioned before, 64-bit on a mobile device doesn't mean anything unless devices get past the 4GB of RAM plateau, or the software is optimized properly. Right now, the Android system is not optimized, nor are the apps. At least Apple has updated iOS 7 for 64-bit support, even if app developers likely haven't yet, but Samsung wants to add the feature to its marketing plan without bothering to wait for Google to get the system ready, meaning the term will mean even less than it does for the new iPhone. 

As we said, it is possible that Google is going to introduce 64-bit support in Android 4.4 KitKat. It is most likely to be included if Google adds in the rumored optimizations to allow for Android to run on laptops. But, if those optimizations don't happen this time around, it is highly unlikely that Google will bother to add support. Samsung could add in some optimizations itself, but without system-level optimization, it likely won't mean much. Of course, like Apple, Samsung would be doing this for marketing rather than actual performance benefits right now. 

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