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Samsung's profits hit record

Samsung's profits reach record levels
Samsung may be aiming to make us fat and lazier than ever, checking the fridge content and the visitor at the door from the couch in front of the TV, but obviously it is delivering what people want, as it just did a record profit forecast song and dance for this past quarter. 

In a regulatory filing ahead of its Q4 earnings announcement, which is apparently obligatory to do in South Korea for listed companies, Samsung says that it expects to have pocketed about $14.1 billion in the October-December period. For comparison, its last earnings guidance, for Q3, was $12.8 billion, another record at the time. For another comparison, Apple logged $8.7 billion profit then in its turn.

Things are about to get very interesting when the two giants announce their final Q4 earnings, as Apple predicted a record quarterly revenue, too, buoyed by the iPhone X sales, but Samsung gets a nice chunk out of each unit, as it's supplying the iPhone's most expensive part - its OLED display. 

Still, if Apple's usual profit margin holds water for Q4 as well, it should have Samsung beat in terms of overall profit. With $14 billion earned for just one quarter, we doubt that Samsung will be too upset about that, but we'd have to wait and see what will Apple's haul be when it announces earning on February 1st.

source: Korea Herald 
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