Samsung prepping a tablet/convertible with Intel's new power-sipping Bay Trail processor


Samsung is apparently prepping a new tablet/convertible gear with Intel's power-sipping Bay Trail architecture that will be hitting devices in time for the holiday shopping craze.

Bay Trail is the Atom child in the new Silvermont line of Intel, done with the frugal 22nm process, and should be three times more powerful than the current Atom that powers tablets like the Acer Iconia W510, while having up to five times less power consumption. The leaked identifier also shows that the product consists of at least the system, plus keyboard and screen, which indicates it might be a convertible of sorts, rather than a standalone tablet.

There's not much other info on what the potential tablet/hybrid computer from Samsung might look like, or the rest of the specs, but we have the feeling that this Intel architecture will be the first true answer to ARM's power grab in mobile the recent years. As long as ARM stays still, that is.

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