Samsung pokes fun of Apple for the 3.5 mm jack amid stiff Note 7 presentation

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Samsung pokes fun of Apple for the 3.5 mm jack amid stiff Note 7 presentation
The Galaxy Note 7 announcement event, held the other day, failed to surprise in two major ways. One was that we already knew everything about the phone due to generous leaks and rumors (as it often happens with all brands these days), and the other was that it radiated the usual Samsung attitude that we've gotten used to seeing again and again over the years. Arrogant is one possible word to describe it.

In a time when most tech companies are trying to soften the tone and return to the positive vibe that should permeate the industry, Samsung is apparently slow to adapt to this higher standard of communication. The Korean juggernaut didn't miss the occasion to "poke fun" of Apple products during its Note 7 presentation on at least a couple of occasions. And it didn't do it in a lighthearted way either.

"And unlike some companies, we don't treat key innovations like accessories. So you don't have to buy the S Pen separately, and you don't have to charge it before using it," Samsung Product Strategy and Marketing lead Justin Denison said. After a somewhat frustrating pause, he got his round of applause.

A few minutes later, when he was talking up how the Note 7's USB Type-C port was reversible: "And it's lightning quick, but don't worry... we aren't going to move to a next-generation connector and... leave you behind." A few seconds later: "Do you know what else it comes with? An audio jack. I'm just saying."

Disregarding the fact that Mr. Denison was unwisely comparing Samsung's new phone to one that's yet to be announced, it's kind of amusing how Samsung tries hard to diss on its rival, yet its own executives can't even throw an engrossing, authentic-looking presentation. Everything that got recited (that's how it sounded like) at the Note 7 announcement was obviously scripted to the word; worse yet, all of it sounded terribly inauthentic, with drawn-out pauses and full of cringe-worthy moments, where the audience wasn't exactly sure if it's supposed to applaud the outgoing passage of the recital or not. If you've watched an Apple press-conference, you know this is definitely not the way it goes with the US company, where the executives and speakers on stage all seem to know what they are talking about, and all seem to actually care for the products they showcase.

Given all that, it seems not much has changed since the barista ads of old. The company tries to be witty and it tries to openly belittle its rivals, but it all comes across as terribly unconvincing. That's not to say the Note 7 isn't shaping up as a great device, but if Samsung ever wants to get people to love it for anything more than the features it puts on its products, it needs get more authentic, and it needs to drop the arrogance. The vanity of its current approach already reared its ugly head once with the unexpectedly dissatisfying sales of the Galaxy S6 generation, which showed just how "loyal" its customers are. So is the company willing to risk reaching such a point again? I wouldn't think so.

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