Samsung opens up a desperately needed product quality improvement office

This may not exactly be news to most of you, but here goes: Samsung phones have recently become notorious for their tendency to self-immolate. It all started with the Galaxy Note 7, which... well, you know the story. But it wasn't just that phone, as reports have come for multiple other Samsung devices, with the newest one being from just a few hours ago. The company, too, seems to have noticed the pattern, and has now announced it will create a new office tasked with ensuring better quality control in its devices.

The Note 7 fiasco was one of the much-publicized tech stories of last year, and it seriously hurt the company's reputation. This, combined with the massive corruption scandal, which ultimately led to the charging of Samsung's head with bribery and embezzlement, have both been major factors in declining consumer trust in the brand. The company seems hopeful to successfully patch things up with moves such as this one, though it remains to be seen whether this tactic will be an effective one.

As for the future, the company is set to announce its newest flagship, the Galaxy S8, at a special event on March 29, though we know pretty much all there is to know about it already. We expect Samsung to put a big focus on its upgraded device quality control, as it has previously expressed its regrets about the Note 7's problems in a quite public manner.

source: Reuters


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