Samsung offers a blueprint for the Apple iPhone 7 in latest jab at its rival

Samsung offers a blueprint for the Apple iPhone 7 in latest jab at its rival
Thanks to our loyal reader Alex, we have a copy of a local newspaper ad that Samsung ran for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. On the top of the ad is a "blueprint" for the Galaxy Note 4. On the bottom, the copy reads, "Dear Apple. Here's a headstart for the iPhone 7." Samsung has been feeling the heat ever since the Apple iPhone 6 Plus was released on September 19th. The manufacturer decided to move up the launch of its new high-end phablet in order to counter Apple's first phablet-sized iPhone.

We've seen Samsung take on Apple in the past with commercials that made fun of those who wait in line for the latest iPhone. Now, the #Bendgate issue has handed Samsung a whole new subject matter it can use. Back in 2010, when Antennagate plagued the Apple iPhone 4, it was Motorola that took the opportunity to hit Apple where it hurt.

With the Motorola DROID X soon to be released, the manufacturer ran an ad that made fun of a comment made by Steve Jobs. Jobs told Apple iPhone 4 owners that they were holding the phone wrong, causing an abrupt drop in signal strength. In Motorola's ad, the company mentioned the phone's dual antenna system that "allows you to hold the phone anyway you like."

You can check out the new newspaper ad from Samsung along with that classic Motorola ad, by clicking on the slideshow below.

Thanks for the tip, Alex!

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