Samsung may take on Sony with its own 1000 FPS sensor in time for Galaxy S9

Samsung may take on Sony with its own 1000 FPS sensor in time for Galaxy S9
Remember when Sony announced a stacked triple-layer camera sensor that can shoot with thousand frames per second for stunning slow-motion videos? Well, these ones are already in retail devices like the Xperia XZ1 and Premium handsets that were announced not long ago. To achieve this, Sony has packaged the sensor and its circuitry together with dedicated memory module that stores the immense amount of calculation needed without taxing the main processor and slowing down the phone.

Well, not to be outdone, Samsung has come up with such an image sensor of its own, and it will reportedly us it in the next Galaxies, like the upcoming S9 flagship in 2018. Samsung's creation is also able to capture the mind-boggling thousand frames per second, but instead of stacking three layers and packaging them together, it uses two layers, then flips the package to add the DRAM module, most likely to avoid patent disputes. 

The new sensor will apparently go into mass production in November, which means there will be plenty of time to fit it into the upcoming Galaxy S9, even if Samsung is indeed readying it for earlier than usual release to face off the iPhone X, as speculated. Where does that leave the rumored dual camera on the S9, remains to be seen, but we wouldn't put it past Samsung to use the new 1000fps sensor into such a setup. Here's what such a sensor would be capable of producing in the slow-motion realm.

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source: ETNews (translated)

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