Samsung isn't ready to part with the Galaxy S25+ middle child

Samsung still not ready to part with the Galaxy S25+ middle child
Samsung has been releasing three members of its flagship S series of phones since time immemorial, trying to fit a size and specs set tailored to each individual's tastes. Well, not really immemorial, since the trend started with the Galaxy S10 series, then the S20 siblings where the Ultra branding took over from the Plus models as the largest, baddest members of the family.

Then came the release of the first S-line phone supporting an S Pen stylus, the S21 Ultra, thus completely folding the Note line into the S series and relegating the Plus versions to something of a redheaded stepchild status, as cruel as it may sound for the otherwise decent Galaxy S24+ and other pluses before it.

Not that they are bad phones, but the price differences with the Ultras were usually not enough to warrant decent sales numbers, so rumors started swirling that Samsung will deprecate the Plus line.

These rumors reached a crescendo mode the other day when no Galaxy S25+ reference could be found in the IMEI database, a fact that was read by some as a sign that Samsung will only release two S25-branded phones next year.

This speculation, however, may have been premature, as the sleuths at GalaxyClub have again unearthed three internal model numbers for the upcoming S25 series. As usual, the SM-S936 denoting the Galaxy S25+ sits right between the smaller SM-S931 number of the S25, and the big hulking SM-S938 of the S25 Ultra.

For comparison, the current Galaxy S24+ is denoted as SM-926, so if history is any indication, an SM-936 model number is a hint that an S25+ exists. Now, whether it will be released, and in which markets, or why is it not in the IMEI database still, are anyone's guess. 

Samsung is apparently still not ready to ditch its S line trifecta, and a thorough redesign or reshuffle of the series is only expected for the Galaxy S26 models.

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