Samsung app lets you tweak CPU throttling settings on Galaxy phones

Galaxy Labs lets you use Thermal Throttling in its latest update
The latest update to Samsung's Galaxy Labs app has added a new feature that gives you control over when thermal throttling kicks in. This allows you to tweak the phone's CPU throttling temperature threshold by up to two degrees – a lower setting will deliver lower sustained performance but will make your phone run cooler, while a higher setting will have the opposite effect.

Thermal throttling is a common power management technique that reduces the performance of a chip – your phone's Snapdragon or Exynos SoC, for example – once it reaches a certain temperature. This is done to ensure that a device is operating within safe temperature margins as prolonged exposure to heat can have negative effects on electronic components. While practically any modern SoC uses some form of thermal throttling, this isn't something end users have any control over. 

Galaxy Labs is an app by Samsung that's been around since 2016 in one form or another. It is made with power users in mind, and CPU throttling controls are just one of the many advanced or experimental features it gives access to.

In the app you'll find the Battery Tracker and Battery Guardian modules. Battery tracker shows your battery usage and stats, while Battery Guardian gives tips for better battery life and battery management. 

Galaxy App Booster is a tool that enhances the performance of your apps. We tested it on our Galaxy S21 and it estimated that it could improve app performance by 15%. Samsung recommends using the App Booster after installing a software update or once a week.
Memory Guardian shows you your used RAM and helps you free space from apps that are running and cached.

You can download Galaxy Labs from the Galaxy Store here, but note that it is not available in all regions. You can alternatively download the APKs from SamMobile here.
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