Samsung flexible display patents include pull-out and rollable concept units

Samsung flexible display patents include pull-out and rollable concept units
 Remember that amazing TAT concept video where the guy wakes up and stretches the screen out of his seemingly compact smatphone unit to read the news easier? If you don't we are embedding it below. Well, we are nearing reality with this one, as Samsung's flexible display patents show.

The Korean conglomerate has filed for patents depicting a pull-out, rollable and bendable screens for flexible display gadgets. The pull-out stuff is rather interesting, as it essentially has to combine a rollable portion as well, in the section where the sensor, power supply and control units are, in order for you to pick one side of the screen and stretch the whole gadget from a smartphone to a 7" tablet, for example.

It will also have to be a rather thin yet sturdy display, allowing you to use it as a touchscreen when extended without flexing too much under your digits.

The bendable concept is also pretty interesting, as it allows you to just fold a 7-incher in two, for example, achieving a much smaller, eventually pocketable footprint. For this one we know for sure that Samsung's R&D has cracked the code, as it outed a paper last year explaining how it achieved that without crease in the middle to degrade the image on the screen with visible "seams".

We can't wait for the first flexible display gadgets from Samsung - the screens themselves are supposed to enter mass production in Q3, and by that time Samsung should already have a few prototypes that will utilize them. We fully expect a few leaks here and there that will shed some light on the mystery patent schemes above as well.

source: PatentBolt

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