Samsung GALAXY Fit Review

Introduction and Design

While any self-respecting Android enthusiast would go straight for a dual-core beast, such as the Samsung GALAXY S II or the HTC Sensation, for example, when picking their next smartphone, the budget-conscious smartphone user would pick something rather cheap and modest. The Android-powered Samsung GALAXY Fit falls right into that category and offers entry-level specs, namely a humble 600MHz processor and a 3.3-inch QVGA display, at an affordable price. But is it any good and could it be a smartphone that we would recommend getting if your budget is tight? Let us take a closer look at the Samsung GALAXY Fit and find out.


There is nothing spectacular about the way the Samsung GALAXY Fit looks The device is basically a run-of-the-mill slab of plastic with no visual features to make it stand out of the crowd. In terms of build quality, however, it feels balanced and well-crafted. The smartphone fits nicely in the hand and its weight seems to be nearly perfect for a device of this size. The battery cover of the GALAXY fit sports a nice texture pattern that makes it both easy to grip and immune to fingerprints. Fingerprint immunity is a feature that its display may also brag with thanks to its oleophobic coating. The volume rocker and the power button, which are located on either sides of the device, are well-exposed and provide a good amount of tactile feedback.

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The basic TFT LCD screen that the Samsung GALAXY Fit is equipped with, however, is pretty underwhelming. Although it is 3.3-inches in diagonal, it packs a resolution of only 240 by 320 pixels, which means that things on it look pretty awful. There is a noticeable lack of sharpness, which makes reading long passages of text, such as emails, somewhat hard on the eyes. Furthermore, colors look a bit off as green tones lean towards the yellow side. At least it is bright enough to be used comfortably outdoors, and its viewing angles are satisfactory.

Overall, the Samsung GALAXY Fit scores a point for being comfortable and easy to use. On the other hand, its poor display is a major drawback that has to be taken into account. Perhaps, the features that the smartphone has to offer will be able to make up for this flaw?

Samsung GALAXY Fit 360-degree View:

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