Samsung demos two 2560x1600 pixels 10" displays, production of one to start next year

Samsung demos two 2560x1600 pixels 10" displays, production of one to start next year
The 10.1" LCD displays with the breathtaking 2560x1600 pixels of resolution have been been showcased by Samsung for the world to see at the FPD International expo in Japan, which ends today.

Samsung has thrown in the new one all of its available trickery to achieve this crazy for a tablet screen ~300ppi pixel density. The display is Plane-to-Line-Switching (PLS) LCD, which allows for higher brightness and ease to manufacture, compared to IPS-LCDs. It also uses IGZO TFT oxide semiconductor as drivers, similar to Sharp's new method, which caught Apple's attention for the future generations of the iPhone and iPad.

The production method is not perfected even in this demo unit, and you can see some line defects in the second picture, which confirms again how difficult it is to manufacture such high-res displays on a grand scale, which Apple is learning the hard way with the iPad 3. Samsung has commented that it has not cleared up its commercial strategy for the panel yet, but we hope to be able to see it in a tablet at some point, since that has been the purpose for its development.

Another 10-incher with the same resolution that we already knew about was shown, and it utilizes the new PenTile matrix pixel arrangement, instead of the traditional RGB stripes, in order to fit so many pixels affordably on the little space.

PenTile has allowed the screen to sip the energy equivalence of a 1280x800 pixels LCD 10-incher, which are found in a lot of today's Android tablets, but display way more details, as you can see in the picture above. This one is, thankfully, ready for commercial production, and should be hitting the conveyor belts in 2012.

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