Samsung, Sprint start pushing the Epic 4G as the "next big thing"

Samsung, Sprint start pushing the Epic 4G as the "next big thing"
We recently told you all about Sprint's second 4G enabled phone, the Samsung Epic 4G. Basically a re-named Galaxy S Pro which in itself is a Galaxy S with a physical QWERTY keyboard, a chart comparing the handset with some other high-end models calls the Epic "The next big thing!" The other phones being compared with the Epic 4G are the carrier's own EVO 4G, the Verizon Droid Incredible and DROID X and the iPhone 4. Some of the analysis is really based on personal choice . For example, while bold letters proclaim that the Epic's 4 inch Super AMOLED screen beats the 4.3 inch LCD screen seen on both the DROID X and the EVO 4G, this is really a matter of personal choice. Some would rather have a Super AMOLED screen while others would rather have the three extra inches on an LCD display. As with the EVO, the Epic 4G will cost you an additional $10 a month for the privilege of using Sprint's pipelines. The bottom of the ad says that the pin-dropping network will have dropped 4G on 120 million people by the end of 2010. As far as 4G phones are concerned, thus far, Sprint has jumped out to a two handset advantage over the competition.

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source: Engadget


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